The research

Founder Gert Melsen, at the time still the owner of a chain of bedroom furniture stores,
got lost in the oversupply of sleeping systems.

He investigated the scientific basis on which all these systems were based, and came to the conclusion that this scientific basis was mostly non-existent or almost non-existent.
Here and there, scientific studies were commissioned from universities, but always AFTER the mattress concerned had come onto the market.

Gert Melsen therefore decided to invest in a thorough investigation, scratch from zero, uninhibited and with an open mind. Under his impetus, scientists from the KULeuven biomechanics-physionomics department spent five years researching the development of a mattress that could provide every individual with a correct sleeping position.

Unfortunately, Gert Melsen passed away unexpectedly at the beginning of 2019, so he himself will no longer be able to witness how his YUNO mattress conquered the world, but YUNO will always be associated with his name.

The conclusions

Physiognomy and sleeping habits have a great influence on our sleep. It soon became clear that the mattress should be adjustable in three zones: Hips, waist and shoulders. Therefore, the researchers first defined the decisive parameters: weight, height, but also age, gender, sleeping position, width of hips, waist and shoulders and the floor used.

They developed a mattress in which they combined fixed adjustments – the three crescents – with an interchangeable inlay, consisting of three separate pads. In the shoulder area, they made additional incisions to create even more space. Finally, they also developed the algorithm, which links measurement and result.

How do you sleep correctly?