Slatted bed

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In the YUNO sleep concept, it is not the bed but the mattress that is adapted to your body. After all, adjustments to the mattress have a much more direct effect, because the mattress is closer to your body than the bed base.

The bed base in the YUNO sleep system has three functions:

  1. Ventilation: Continuation of the excellent ventilation within the YUNO mattress
  2. Neutrality: the base forms a flat, horizontal support for the YUNO mattress
  3. Springs: The base is springy and absorbs movement and shocks, thus extending the life of the YUNO mattress.

You can combine the YUNO mattress with most bed bases, box springs, spiral bases, slatted bases.
Make sure that your soil is still in good condition. Bed bases often do not last as long as you would think.
Do you use a slatted base and want to know if it is still good?

Then consult this checklist


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