How we measure safely and correctly

Measurement and advice are always by appointment

To safely measure for the right inlay for your mattress, come with your partner, a close friend or someone from your family circle. He or she will measure you according to the instructions of the YUNO consultant.

He or she will also check whether you are lying correctly on the proposed composition of the YUNO mattress. The YUNO consultant maintains the necessary distance.

For your safety, we provide hand gel, gloves and mouth masks. We cover the test mattress and test pad with disposable examination table paper.

Measurement and advice are always by appointment, so that we can make space and time for a safe conversation.


The measurement

Keep your arms crossed and put your hands on your shoulders. Turn with your back to your helper. Your helper measures the width of your shoulders, waist and hips successively with the measuring stick. The YUNO consultant notes the measurement data


Entering data

The YUNO consultant works through the questionnaire with you and enters all the requested data.


Placing an inlay

The consultant places the correct inlay in the test mattress. He covers the mattress and pillow with examination table paper.


The test phase

Sit on the mattress in the side sleeping position according to the instructions of the YUNO consultant. Your helper places the paws and thumbs spread across the spine, from the neck to just above the coccyx. When all four fingers follow a straight and horizontal line, you are lying correctly.

How we measure safely and correctly for your sleep profile

Experience a 100% correct sleeping position yourself?

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