Neck pillow for side sleepers


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My 16 in 1 neck pillow

The average person does not exist. Your pillow can therefore better be as unique as yourself. Together with back specialists and occupational therapists, we developed a pillow which you can adapt to your personal preferences and physique. Do you also have a YUNO mattress? Then the digital measurement adapted the composition of your personal neck pillow.

100% correct sleeping position

A good pillow is essential for a correct sleeping position. Only when the cervical vertebrae connects nicely and horizontally with the vertebrae, your neck and head are properly supported.
Thanks to the anatomical elevation, your neck muscles relax and the intervertebral discs of the neck region can freely absorb the moisture they lost during the day.
Are you a stomach sleeper? Then we have another pillow for you.

Pillow core

YUNO developed this special ergonomic pillow in collaboration with occupational therapists and back specialists. Custom8, a spin-off from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, researched, tested and developed the idea. The striking shape guarantees a correct sleeping position.
The pillow core consists of 100% natural foam and is 100% made in Belgium.

How does it work?

    1. Your YUNO pillow kit to put together your personal neck pillow.
    2. Depending on the width of your neck, you choose the high or low side of the YUNO pillow
    3. Depending on your build and the width of your shoulders, add one, two or three underpads. Together with the choice between the high and the low side, you create sixteen different heights for a perfect sleeping position.

Do you also have a YUNO mattress? Then the algorithm already calculated the correct composition for you.

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