Yuno Mattress

 1 495,00 3 390,00

  • Tailor-made and personalized
  • Delivery within 2 weeks
  • Free delivery at home or wherever you wish
  • Installation included
  • Collection of old mattress included
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 100-day exchange guarantee: Exchange your inlay for free for the next 100 days.

How does it work?

Core, shoulder zone, moons and inlay: The digital measurement
determines the composition of your unique YUNO mattress.

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1. Core

The YUNO mattress core consists of Naturalis foam. This is a cold foam based on ecological oil from the castor plant. This oil is used in ther medical world for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

2. Moons

Drie ‘maantjes’ in de matraskern zorgen voor een eerste differentiatie ter hoogte van schouders, taille en heupen. Voor andere matrasmerken het eindpunt. Voor YUNO slechts de eerste stap.

3. Inlay

3 pads merged into 1 inlay, refine the adjustments
that were initiated by the moons. The combination put together for you of pads and moons
at the height of the shoulders, waist and hips, guarantees a 100% correct sleeping position.

4. Pillow

The right pillow is also essential to obtain a correct sleeping positionYour cervical vertebrae must be in line with your vertebrae, in both supine and side position. The YUNO algorithm determines the correct height of your pillow. We distinguish several variants that differ in height and ergonomics.



70 x 200 cm, 80 x 200 cm, 80 x 210 cm, 80 x 220 cm, 90 x 200 cm, 90 x 210 cm, 90 x 220 cm, 100 x 200 cm, 100 x 210 cm, 100 x 220 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 140 x 210 cm, 140 x 220 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 160 x 210 cm, 160 x 220 cm, 180 x 200 cm, 180 x 210 cm, 180 x 220 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 200 x 210 cm, 200 x 220 cm