How to sleep 100% correctly

By lying perfectly horizontal

A horizontal spine: During the day our intervertebral discs lose a lot of moisture due to vertical pressure. By keeping our spine in the perfect horizontal position during the night, we facilitate the supply of moisture and speed up recovery.

By lying perfectly straight

A straight spine: In this way we avoid pressure on the intervertebral discs and prevent damage and wear.

How do we get this done?

Measure your body!

Physiognomy and sleeping habits have a major impact on our sleep. It quickly became apparent that the perfect mattress has to be adjustable in three zones: Hips, waist and shoulders. The researchers therefore first defined the determining parameters: Gewicht, lengte, maar ook leeftijd, gender, slaaphouding, breedte van heupen, taille en schouders en de gebruikte bodem.

The YUNO mattress was developed together with Custom8, a spin-off from KU Leuven, Belgium. Employees of the biomechanics department developed the measurement system and the composition of the YUNO mattress. While doing so, they combined fixed zones - the three moons - with an interchangeable, customizable inlay consisting of three separate pads. They made additional incisions in the shoulder area to create even more space in that area. Finally, they also developed the algorithm that links measurement and result.

“Lift the hips, lower the shoulders”

That's the only way to lie perfectly horizontal. In all other mattresses, the hips are kept low and the shoulders lifted.

Some examples

Correct: Straight and horizontal

Wrong: Oblique and crooked

The parameters


It may be clear. Men and women have different builds. That translates into a different structure of their mattress.


Je gewicht is niet alleen één van de parameters voor het bepalen van je BMI. In combinatie met je lichaamslengte en lichaamsbouw bepaalt je gewicht hoe diep de verschillende delen van je lichaam in je matras zullen zakken.


In combination with your weight and your physique, your height also determines how deep the different parts of your body sink into your mattress. In addition, your height also determines where we should place the different zones in your mattress.


We don't have to tell you that your body changes with age. Your age also translates into a different composition of your mattress.

Width (shoulders, waist, hips)

Especially crucial for side sleepers. The width of your shoulders, waist and hips determine the density ratio that the pads oppose to keep the spine straight and horizontal.

Favorite sleeping position (side, back or stomach)

As a side sleeper, you need a different support to achieve a correct sleeping position than when you sleep on your stomach or on your back. So it's important to know.

In 3 steps to a correct sleep profile

1. Measuring sleeping profile

2. Gegevens invoeren

3. Correct sleeping position

Experience a 100% correct sleeping position yourself?

Test the YUNO mattress in 1 of our advice points: Goed Thuiszorgwinkel, OZ Shop, Medishop De Voorzorg, Orthoshop, ... Make an appointment with a YUNO advisor to measure your sleep profile.


Safe measurement and test lying in corona times

To measure safely to obtain the correct inlay for your mattress, come with your partner, a close friend or someone from your family circle. He or she will measure you according to the instructions of the YUNO advisor.