A mattress as unique as you

In collaboration with Custom8,
spin-off KU Leuven

The YUNO mattress is developed by Custom8, a spin-off the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Researchers of the biomechanics department developed the measuring system and the composition of the YUNO mattress.

Sleep 100% correctly

Improve your night's sleep by properly supporting your body. You lie straight, horizontal and therefore 100% correct on the YUNO mattress. This way you improve your night's sleep.

As unique as you

The average person doesn't exist (he has, just to say, 2.11 children). To guarantee a correct sleeping position, we adjust the YUNO mattress to your preferences and your personal body profile.

How does it work?

The digital measurement calculates your sleep profile.

Core, shoulder zone, moons and inlay determine the composition

of your unique YUNO mattress.



The YUNO mattress core consists of Naturalis foam. This is a cold foam based on ecological oil from the castor plant. This oil is used in ther medical world for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.



Three "moons" in the mattress core provide an initial differentiation at the level of shoulders, waist and hips. The end point for other mattress brands. Only the first step for YUNO.



3 pads merged into 1 inlay, refine the adjustments
that were initiated by the moons. The combination put together for you of pads and moons
at the height of the shoulders, waist and hips, guarantees a 100% correct sleeping position.



The right pillow is also essential to obtain a correct sleeping positionYour cervical vertebrae must be in line with your vertebrae, in both supine and side position. The YUNO algorithm determines the correct height of your pillow. We distinguish several variants that differ in height and ergonomics.

inlay png stretched

729 options for your custom inlay

The inlay takes weight, height, but also age, gender, sleeping position, width of hips, waist and shoulders and the bottom used into account. The inlay is adjustable and can be replaced at any time. With body changes such as weight gain or loss, adjust the inlay in your mattress to your body profile. That's the only way to lie down 100% correct.

This is the only way to lie 100% correctly

In all other mattresses the hips are kept low and the shoulders lifted.

Some reviews

Member of a health insurance fund?

Do you have a health insurance? Then enjoy a special discount when purchasing your mattress. Discover your sleeping profile and compose your personal mattress in the health care shop of your health insurance fund.

Our service

100 nights of test sleep

Measuring is knowing. You are therefore guaranteed to lie correctly on your YUNO mattress. Only in exceptional cases, lying 100% correct isnn't equal to 100% comfortable. In that case, our physiotherapists will work out a solution together with you. This service is free for the first hundred days.

Delivery and installation

Our home deliverers will be happy to bring your new mattress to your bedroom. (without elevator up to the fourth floor if necessary) They install your mattress and accessories on your bed, and take the old ones back for free. The RENEWI company then ensures an ecologically responsible processing of your old items.

100 month guarantee

Enjoy our quality guarantee for 100 months. This guarantee is degressive. For the depreciation table, click here.

Delivery time

We produce and personalize your YUNO mattress in Belgium and on a fast rate. This allows us to keep delivery times short. Count on maximal 2 weeks.

Sleep correct with

During the first hundred days after delivery of your new mattress, all adjustments proposed by our physiotherapist are free. You can then enjoy our quality guarantee for no less than a hundred months. This guarantee is degressive. For the depreciation table, click here.

Experience a 100% correct sleeping position yourself?

Test the YUNO mattress in 1 of our advice points: Goed Thuiszorgwinkel, OZ Shop, Medishop De Voorzorg, Orthoshop, ... Make an appointment with a YUNO advisor to measure your sleep profile.


Safe measurement and test lying in corona times

To measure safely to obtain the correct inlay for your mattress, come with your partner, a close friend or someone from your family circle. He or she will measure you according to the instructions of the YUNO advisor.